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After 30 rounds down range, our girl is happy and satisfied, and her man is proud as punch.  The other guys are all watching him and thinking, I wish my girlfriend was like his girlfriend and would shoot with me. Our hero clears the empty brass from the cylinder of the revolver, zips the gun into its case, takes her hand and walks her out of the range, smiling. Our happy couple drives off toward the sunset, snuggling and heading out for an evening spent talking of guns, targets, and good times. Can you say “Happy Ending!”?

Now for our not so happy ending: After 30 rounds of lead sent down range, our girl is pleased and satisfied. Our guy is feeling very proud of himself and like a big stud; he looks around the range and sees that the other guys are all watching. He winks at them and throws out a macho, watch this look, and loads six rounds of the much more powerful .357 caliber into his dual chambered S&W Model 19 snubby. Not realizing she is no longer shooting .38 cal, she aims the pistol. As she prepares to fire, she is thinking to herself, this is fun, and I’d totally come back again. Why, I’d like to get my own gun, maybe even a permit to carry it. A girl can’t be too careful these days.
She squeezes the trigger. KaBoom!  F*&#! Her wrists snap back from the recoil, flame spits out a foot in front of her, and in the concrete building the noise causes everyone to reach for their ears. The kick brings the gun dangerously close to her nose and forehead. The FUN is definitely over now, though the expletives are just beginning and her words are aimed and centered directly at Mr. Macho. He can rest assured that there will be no snuggling, and no happy ending to his story.

So guys, here is a gentle piece of advice from Anna. If you want your girl to shoot with you, be gentle with her. Treat her like a lady, go easy, and be patient with her. Let her gain experience, she can decide on a future trip if she wants to step up to a bigger caliber, rifle or shotgun. Keep the recoil manageable and leave the big boy toys and super sized stuff at home the first couple of times. Think long term and make sure her first time is a fine time and your future will be filled with many happy afternoons at the range with her at your side. Go macho and you'll most likely join the ranks of guys whose girlfriends don't shoot, worse yet she may decide she won’t tolerate guns in the house.  Teach her slowly and carefully and she will love you for it.  -Anna