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Jessica: Hi this is Jessica with Guns and Lace. Today we are going to interview Guns and Lace girl Cristina Coria. Cristina is not just a reality TV celebrity, she's a former police officer and currently an executive protection specialist. Truly, she is a highly trained woman who is proficient with a firearm and she is a Guns and Lace girl in every way. Cristina, what led you into law enforcement and police work?

Cristina: My father and my uncle were both police officers and my father used to tell me stories at a young age and I loved the act of helping people and just learning to be proficient in a lot of different things.
Jessica: Cristina, I understand that you and your family have been the victim of a predator with a gun, twice in your life.

Cristina: Yes, first time was when my father was murdered, I was twelve years old, and it's still an unsolved case and the second time was when I was shot in the line of duty when I was on the police force.

Jessica: Wow, so having been a police officer and having been shot in the line of duty, how do you feel about guns?

Cristina: Well, I think a gun in the wrong hands is not good at any time so I think that if we are all able to carry a weapon it'd be less likely for us to be victims.

Jessica: Now after you recovered from your injury you went back on the force and continued your career. Tell us about the road back and what you had to overcome.
Cristina: Well, when I was shot, I was shot in my left arm. I fractured my humorous and shattered my radius and I was partially paralyzed. I was told I would never use my arm, or go back to work. The fact that my injury was through my bone and down my bone, rather than just through and through, and I was lucky I didn't get killed but the fact that I was worried about not returning back to work or using my arm really pushed me and I used a negative into a positive and worked out twice a day, did a lot of rehab and recovered and went back to work a year and a month later. It was a very, very long journey.

Jessica: After you went back to police work in Santa Monica, you were asked to be a contestant on the television show, Survivor - Cook Islands, what was that like?

Cristina: It was a fun experience, it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. It was a…  it made you not take things from granted like eating food and where it comes from, your shelter, using the restroom, I mean toilet paper is very important. It really opened my eyes to a lot of new things, and also just what I am capable and not capable of doing and it gave me more confidence in a lot of different ways.

Jessica: How important do you feel confidence is for a woman?

Cristina: Very important, I think that if you have a confident woman walking down the street, they're less likely to become a victim rather than a woman who is insecure, hunched over and not looking around, knowing her surroundings, and being the next victim. So it's very important.
Jessica: I could not agree more, we at Guns and Lace believe that a Confident Woman is a Beautiful Woman.

Do you feel all women should learn to shoot?

Cristina: Absolutely, I think it's very important because a woman who knows how to shoot her gun is going to be proficient and accurate and is less likely to have that gun used against her and have her become a victim.

Jessica: How hard is it for woman to learn to shoot and what do you recommend is the best way to get started?

Cristina: Actually, it's not very hard for a woman to learn to shoot. I think that women at first can be intimidated by that whole process but as long as she gets a proper trainer to train her she would be very proficient and accurate with that weapon. Knowledge is power, so as long as she understands the weapon and safety and gets the proper training it's pretty easy and again, what I would recommend, the best way to getting started, is going to the shooting range and getting a trainer and learning to shoot.

Jessica: What kind of gun makes a good carry gun for a woman?

Cristina: Actually, any gun that a woman is comfortable with shooting. Again, training, training, training... training makes perfect and any gun would be a good carry gun for a woman.
Jessica: What do you think about gun free zones?

Cristina: Well, I will use the theater shooting as an example, if everyone in the theater had a gun I think the injuries would have come down and the shooter himself would have been shot and killed prior to anyone else getting shot. I think it's very important that everyone is able to carry guns because that probably wouldn't happen.

Jessica: Why is the second amendment important to women?

Cristina: Well, I think not only with women but all of us have the right to bear arms. But I really do feel it's important, more important, for a woman because of her size. I think that if we are a small size and we are up against a 6 foot, 200 pound person, who is trying to take us down, it's an equalizer, it's going to help us be able to overcome that person who is trying to take us down or kill us, we'll be able to defend ourselves and not be the victim.

Jessica:  Why does a homeowner or a hunter need an AR15 or a Glock semi auto handgun?

Cristina: Well, it's not that we need. It's the fact that we've the right to bear arms so it should not matter what caliber we carry, we should be able to protect ourselves against anyone with the same or higher caliber weapon. It's a form of control.
Jessica: Other than Guns & Lace and modeling, what else have you been working on?

Cristina: Well, I am currently working on a charity called Reality Rally. It's going to be held in April in Temecula, CA. It's about raising money for Michele's Place, which is raising money for victims of breast cancer. You can learn all about it by going to and if you go under my name, you can donate under my name and it's an amazing event. And you can learn more about it under that site. I am also working on a personal project that is a show called "Charity Rescue" and I will keep you guys posted on that.

Jessica: Wonderful, thank you so much Cristina. And Guns and Lace fans follow her on her personal Facebook page.

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